The TRITON LANI LED light is setting new standards in the field of seawater aquaristics and guarantees 100% functionality for the long-term preservation of your reef biosystem. The excellent quality of the TRITON LANI LED ensures the best possible artificially generated lighting spectrum for marine animals, generated not least by the special composition, as well as the density and number, of individual LEDs. Thanks to its special modular construction method, this light is not only suitable for any size of aquarium, but also provides perfect illumination of the entire tank along with very low energy consumption and noiseless operation.

Lani LED

TRITON has tested LANI LED for a year and a half and it recently went from the production to the sales stage. TRITON manufactures the LED itself in Germany.

Examples of functioning saltwater aquaria with TRITON LANI LEDs can be found at the TRITON showrooms in Düsseldorf. The main showroom tank has been equipped with TRITON LANI LEDs from the beginning of development. Please feel free to examine the quality of our light yourself. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom.

All advantages and detailed information on the TRITON LANI LED light at a glance:

  • Guaranteed functionality as sole light for a reef aquarium with small and large polyp stony corals, mussels and all other reef dwellers.
  • Best lighting for reef aquaristics. Combines all the advantages of the old lighting types (HQI and T5) and provides a much more light.
  • The TRITON LANI LED is distinguished by its 100% efficiency:

Technical efficiency

  • Long shelf life
    We comply with the specifications of the manufacturer, Cree, regarding electricity supply and temperature, so that a maximum life of over 50,000 hours can be achieved (LED operation with 1 watt, maximum temperature on the circuit board - 80 degrees centigrade).
  • No active ventilation (ventilator)
    We have eliminated a fault source, the ventilator, since it rarely keeps for 50,000 hours and the LED would be ruined immediately in case of a failure. The TRITON LANI LED is thus also appropriate for bedroom use and is noiseless.
  • Special manufacture for each aquarium
    Each light is specially manufactured, so an aquarium of any size and form can be perfectly illuminated.
  • Dimmability
    Dimmable 0 – 100% via 4 separate channels (moonlight, violet, blue, white), compatible with every aquarium computer.
  • Modular construction
    A module measures 16 cm x 16 cm, and can be expanded and illuminated individually. If a LED is defective, only that module needs to be replaced. The rest of the light continues to function.
    So if the aquarium is enlarged at a later stage, for instance, the modules can continue to be used.
  • Greatest LED efficiency by means of 1-watt operation
    The LEDs in the TRITON LANI LED are exclusively operated with one watt. Because: This allows the greatest degree of efficiency.
    Whether 1-watt, 2-watt or 3-watt operation – the difference does not lie in the LED itself, but in its current feed alone (2-watt LED 750m A, 3-watt LED 1A).
    So if the individual LED were to be converted from 1-watt operation to 3-watt operation, electricity consumption would triple correspondingly. Light output, however, would only just be doubled and the LEDs shelf life would be questionable, since it would not comply with the original manufacturer's test parameters by exceeding the specified current feed. 1-watt operation is thus significantly more efficient than a LED current feed of 3 watts.

Biological efficiency

  • Illumination zones can be individually selected
    Light can be individually adapted for your reef thanks to the custom-manufactured TRITON LANI LED. Fewer modules can be used in places where no coral is growing. This translates into savings not only on your initial purchase but also on your electricity bill from the outset.
  • Perfect spectrum for growth and colouring
    The 3 LED spectrum is optimally attuned to the biological metabolism and carbohydrate production of the reef. The wavelengths of our LEDs are in the exact range where chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B can supply energy most efficiently (Soret). Furthermore, antenna chlorophyll, which is responsible for the day/night cycle of the coral, is stimulated. The metabolism and sugar production of the coral is fostered to the greatest possible extent, which in turn produces strong growth and intense colouring.
  • Dimming via pulse width modulation
    In this type of dimming the wavelength of the light does not change in dimmed conditions. In the case of 20% dimming, only 20% of electricity is consumed.
  • 120 degree angle of reflected beam
    Light falls diagonally on the coral; so it appears colourful not just from above, but also from the side. There are fewer shadowed areas in the aquarium.
  • Strong penetration
    Despite two-dimensional illumination as in T5, the water is much more strongly penetrated with the TRITON LANI LED. The value we have measured in the show tank at 70 cm depth is just as high as illumination at 5 cm depth with T5 illumination.
  • Great fluorescence
    Due to the special wavelengths of the installed LEDs, fluorescence in the violet and blue phase is much stronger.
  • Flat design (3.2 cm),
    Finished completely in aluminium except for the front pane
  • Very low energy consumption
    (180 watts – this is equivalent to 9 modules - take the place of 400 watts of HQI illumination) 


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