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Are you new to reefkeeping?

TRITON makes reefkeeping easy and successful.
Let us take the mystery out of water chemistry. Having a successful reef aquarium comes from understanding what is happening with your water. We can increase your knowledge which will enable you to make informed decisions on the products and methods you use. No longer will you have to rely on empty promises from manufacturers claiming their products fix this or that without explaining how or what is in the bottle. Our products and services are built on the back of solid scientific research and proven to work.

All Triton products and services are designed to have the following attributes.

Ease of use & Peace of mind

Before TRITON, reefkeeping was a chaotic product of misinformation and anecdotal knowledge, this was especially prevalent for water chemistry. Reefkeeping was said to be difficult and a game of luck as chemistry is hard to understand if you are new to it. We changed that with our products and our holistic and innovative way of working….


The Holistic Approach opened up the doors to more knowledge and success for new reefkeepers.
As we found out through our research since 2008 ,the biggest problem in the beginning is making mistakes because of misinformation and falling for misleading marketing claims. Also the need to put a system together by yourself out of many different parts for example, filtration, illumination, supplementation…. all from different companies with different claims not knowing if one is compatible with the other. We changed this situation with the first ever holistic and professional approach to reef husbandry the TRITON Method….

Driven by Innovation

We at TRITON like to invent and develop real products. But only those which make sense for the aquarist to use and are explainable without the need to blindly trust TRITON.
We have changed the world of reef husbandry several times since TRITON was founded 2008 but have always been very careful that our products have been tested and proven before there are sold and used by our customers. We don’t want our customers to be the Guinea Pigs!

Scientifically Backed

We know that a lot of companies claim to do scientific work, just to make there products more interesting for you… But looking closer you will soon see that most cannot back up their claims.
We are different, we really do science and have done that on water chemistry provenly over the last 10 years. Just take our lab service as an example.
We have developed methods to measure seawater and do so for aquariums as the first company in the world. While other Lab operators try to copy us just for a year. You will not find any other company in the world that will even get close to our knowledge regarding Water chemistry or being in any way able to help you better with the problems you have then TRITON.