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Why trust TRITON products?

We have been providing professional laboratory grade water analysis for seawater since 2008, and have over 13000 unique customers from amateur hobbyists through to the most respected public aquariums and research institutes in the world.

But our customers know what really counts is the quality of the service. Through our network of ICP-OES powered laboratories we run sophisticated cross checking of our sea water analysis services against each other. No one other company offer this quality assurance!

But our QA doesn’t stop there. Unlike other companies we produce nearly all of our products in-house using our own testing laboratories to guarantee the purity of our trace elements, reagents and treatments. Then test them for up to a year in our own research aquaria to ensure they are safe to use in your reef system before releasing a product to market.

When you see Quality Assured by Triton Lab on the label you know what you are getting. Ask our competitors if they offer the same guarantee or better yet have them tested for purity.

At TRITON we are reef keepers and we are chemists. We value your trust.