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Is TRITON for you?

TRITON users are truly diverse like the animals that inhabit the reef.
Some like to have a beautiful reef aquarium and not have to worry about the complexities of the chemistry behind it.
Others want in depth knowledge about what they are doing and why.
Also there are those who want answers as to what went wrong with their aquarium and what they can do to prevent it happening again.

Intelligent Products for Intelligent Aquarists

The following reasons should help you finding if Triton is a good match to you too:

Driving Innovations

Without companies and individuals willing to invest time, money, and effort into innovation then progress grinds to a halt. TRITON is one of those companies. With cutting edge technologies and scientific methods TRITON drove the aquarium industry into the Modern Reefkeeping Movement. Revolutionising they way people thought about what is possible with aquarium testing and reefkeeping husbandry.
TRITON’s customers are also helping improve the industry by sharing newly found knowledge and experiences throughout their communities, enlightening and educating other aquarists.
If you like companies that are not afraid to put in the hard work required to consistently develop new innovative products and services without just copying the latest trends then TRITON is for you.

Responsible, Reasonable & Aware choice

TRITON customers understand why they are using a particular product, they do not simply follow the latest fad just because everyone is talking about it on Forums or Facebook. They do not simply believe marketing claims without seeing real evidence for themselves of proven long term results, not just hearsay or unscientific anecdotal accounts.
TRITON customers understand how the concept of one product cures all is not possible to have two aquariums the same, magic potions do not exist.
If you see yourself as a conscientious aquarist who likes to know what they are doing and why then TRITON is for you.

Transparent & Proven

Any company can import some amazing corals, arrange them in a tank, take some pictures and put them on the internet. People see amazing looking corals and think “I want some of that!” not knowing what the real world results are. TRITON does not believe in this method of marketing, TRITON’s world famous show tank has been setup for many years, open to the public to see for themselves how the products work in real life. All TRITON’s products and services are built with transparency in mind so that customers have the confidence to know that we have nothing to hide.
If you believe that a company should be transparent with long term results for their products and services then TRITON is for you.

Transparent & Proven

TRITON’s products and services are transparent and proven, they have to be, how could TRITON give the aquarist the tools to test manufacturers claims and then not have TRITON products pass these tests? TRITON has been developing, testing, using these services for the best part of 10 years showing success.


TRITON as a company is constantly looking at ways to reduce the impact on the environment, from production methods and materials used. TRITON also believes that reducing unnecessary death of animals under the aquarists care goes a long way to reducing the impact the hobby has on the environment, maybe with the hope that one day some tank grown corals could go back into the oceans to repopulate damaged wild reefs. If you choose a company without these values then you are not supporting a sustainable future for the hobby and the wild reefs.
TRITON invests heavily in none profit projects looking to improve the industry’s sustainability such as SCAN which has developed techniques for testing for cyanide caught fish in partnership with Cairns Marine.
If you believe in a sustainable future for the aquarium industry then TRITON is for you.

Ease of use & peace of mind

If something is easy then it is less prone to errors, if there are less errors then it will be more likely to be successful. This is what TRITON believes when it comes to reef husbandry. Through extensive research and development and with many years of experience and knowledge to back it up all TRITON products and services are designed to be as easy to use as possible, therefore giving the aquarist the highest chance of success.
If you believe in products and services that are easily explainable and simple to follow then TRITON is for you.

If you see your reefkeeping self in the arguments above… welcome to the TRITON family