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Is TRITON for you?

Since 2008 thousands of aquarists around the world have come to rely on TRITON to make their reefkeeping life simpler. Our goal is to bring easy, successful reef keeping within the reach of all aquarists through products based on logical, scientific principles.

Our users are a diverse group. Some just want to have a beautiful reef aquarium and not have to worry about the complexities of the chemistry behind it. Others want in depth knowledge about what they are doing and why. And of course there are those who want answers as to what went wrong with their aquarium and what they can do to prevent it happening again.



... regardless of where you fit in that spectrum here are 7 key benefits


TRITON products and services offer the modern aquarist:




TRITON customers are the first to benefit from our thirst for innovation in the form of world first products and services for reefkeepers. First with the TRITON Method, ICP testing, trace element supplements, concentrated CORE7 dosing, and N-DOC organic analysis of seawater - all groundbreaking innovations that make reef keeping a pleasure, not a chore.



One of the first things the reef aquarist learns is "everything is connected". The TRITON Method is the only reef keeping method that takes the whole reef system into account reducing the complex mix of biology, chemistry and technology into an easy-to-follow recipe for successful reefkeeping.



TRITON services and products are designed to work together to make your reef keeping life easier. We do the cutting edge chemistry and science so you don’t have to. Bottom line: with TRITON you spend more time enjoying your aquarium!



TRITON takes the trial and error out of reef keeping and replaces it with an easy-to-follow, logical approach: (1) Test your seawater, (2) Know what’s in it, and, (3) Act to fix it. We help you identify issues before they become problems and tell you how to fix them - right down to the precise dose to fix your tank!



TRITON is a science based company with a decade long leadership role researching the chemistry and husbandry of closed reef systems. Only TRITON products and services integrate a scientific framework with a proven holistic reefkeeping method to ensure success and ease-of-use.



TRITON believes smarter reef keeping is also more sustainable reef keeping. Through our research, innovation and fellow reefkeepers, we are building a community committed to improving reef husbandry and minimising the impacts our industry has on the natural environment.



Customer support is at the heart of the TRITON difference. We want to help you because that is how we learn. With a database of over 100,000 samples tested we learn more about how closed reef systems work everyday which improves the advice we provide to you! If you have further questions -support is just an email away.



TRITON was founded by aquarists for aquarists.


If you like companies that innovate and change the way aquarists do things for the better, and care deeply about sustainability - then TRITON is for you.

If you want to understand why and how your reef tank works and move beyond the hand-me-down folklore on Forums or Facebook -  then TRITON is for you. 

If you are skeptical about the hype and marketing surrounding “cure all” products and want to make decisions based on evidence and proven long term results - then TRITON is for you.

If you believe a company should be transparent and base their products on scientific research results - then TRITON is for you.

If you get a buzz out of testing manufacturers claims - then TRITON is for you. (Hint: why not use TRTION Lab to find out what is really in your salt? We us TRITON Lab to test all our products  - that’s why they are guaranteed contamination free!) 




If you see yourself in any of the arguments above then come join the TRITON family and help us define modern reefkeeping!