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Want to take your aquarium to the next level?

TRITON are the world leaders in sea water testing and chemical solutions for modern reef husbandry. Using the most advanced techniques and innovative equipment enables TRITON customers to have un-paralleled access to their water chemistry. Advancing knowledge and empowering reef keepers to make informed and conscious decisions about products and services they use. TRITON also enables advanced reefkeepers to adjust targeted trace elements down to the parts per billion which unlocks the ability “fine tune” their water to for example bring out specific colours in certain corals or indeed keep species once thought impossible to master.

All Triton products and services are designed to have the following attributes.

Ease of use & Peace of mind

Choosing any TRITON product you already have the TRITON guarantee that each product is easy to use and fully explainable in it’s requirement. If you don’t need it don’t use it. You will not find any “Trace Mixes” or magic potions only products of the highest quality and purity ensuring that there are no unnecessary contaminations of your water such as can be found with other manufacturers products.

Scientifically Backed

All TRITON products and services have been developed using real scientific equipment and research, they exist to fulfil a purpose, or fix a problem, not created to match the latest fashion or trend. TRITON gives aquarists the unique opportunity to ask and answer questions, “Do I need this?” “What is in this?”. TRITON is a powerful weapon to have in your corner.


TRITON as a company believes in sustainability, we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint on the world including re-engineering our production techniques and using more recyclable materials. We also believe that reducing unnecessary death of animals under our care goes a long way to reducing the impact the hobby has on the environment, with the hope that one day some of our tank grown corals could go back into the oceans to repopulate damaged wild reefs. To this end we support and actively take part in many projects looking to improve the sustainability of the industry as a whole. For example SCAN.

Transparent & Proven

TRITON’s products and services are transparent and proven, they have to be, how could TRITON give the aquarist the tools to test manufacturers claims and then not have TRITON products pass these tests? TRITON has been developing, testing, using these services for the best part of 10 years showing success.


The word Holistic means to be characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. The TRITON Method is a holistic