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Triton Applied Reef Bioscience was founded in 2008 to take the mystery out of reef keeping by empowering aquarists to test their sea water, know what is actually in it, and use scientific advice to fix water quality problems before they arise. TRITON has revolutionised reef keeping through innovative products and services that deliver peace-of-mind with ease-of-use to hobbyists and professional marine aquarists worldwide. 

Our ground breaking application of HPLC and ICP-OES techniques to reef keeping came from in-house research and development by TRITON LAB. When combined with our range of highly pure supplements and treatments developed by TRITON REAGENTS we arrive at the heart of what separates TRITON from our competitors. We empower our customers with the knowledge of what is actually in their seawater, and give them the control to fix it, with accuracy and precision.

But we didn’t stop there. Because we’re both chemists AND reef keepers we wanted this solution to be available to everyone. So we created the TRITON METHOD an easy-to-follow recipe so anyone can have the beauty and tranquility of a living coral reef in their own home.

Setting the standard for others to follow since 2008. Our world famous show tank symbolises the benefits of the TRITON METHOD and our company - innovative products and services that deliver peace-of-mind with ease-of-use to hobbyists and professional marine aquarists worldwide.

What do we care about?

  1. We care about the inhabitants of your aquarium!  As reef keepers and chemists we develop and test our products in-house so we know they work.

  2. We care about reef keepers. For decades the science of reef keeping has been held back by a lack of accurate information about the composition of the sea water in our tanks. For aquarists, desperate to look after the creatures they love, there are many vague products promising to be “good" for “something” in your system. This has lead to culture of “blind dosing” where supplements and treatments are added in the hope they are beneficial - a process of trial and error often guided by folklore and marketing rather than science. Triton has changed all of this with the TRITON METHOD an evidence based, Holistic reef keeping philosophy. Why - because we care about reef keepers. We want you to have beautiful hassle-free reef tanks, we want you to be able to relax and enjoy them, and we want you to only pay for stuff you actually need.    

  3. We care about the reef keeping community. We believe reef keepers are better served by knowledgable retailers who can provide a wealth of FREE advice to their customers about the choice and care of their animals. We promote a business model whereby happy customers are served by a network of successful retailers brings important environmental benefits - it reduces pressure on the industry to source cheaper livestock from unregulated collectors who use cyanide or other destructive practices.   

  4. We care about the environment. At TRITON we see successful reef keeping as a mark of respect to the natural world. We don’t just want your animals to survive, we want them to thrive and reproduce so you can share them! Part of our ongoing research is directed at understanding the specific microhabitat needs and preferences of individual species - the more people understand the Natural world the more they will care for it.