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Our story so far...

Triton Applied Reef Bioscience - was founded in 2008 to be a world leading innovator in reefkeeping products and services. Our goal was to raise the standard of closed system aquarium husbandry and empower reefkeepers to understand and enjoy their systems. TRITON has done this by delivering innovative products and services that are simple, logical and backed by scientific evidence with a proven track record. All our products are tested in-house on our own systems before public release. TRITON has three divisions tasked with developing products / services that are the best in class.

TRITON LAB: comprehensive, affordable ICP-OES/HPLC water analysis for reefkeepers and professional aquarists worldwide.

TRITON REAGENTS: quality assured reagents of the highest purity for creating, supplementing and treating seawater.

TRITON LANI: proven, efficient, optimised LED lighting for reefkeeping.

A brief history of TRITON innovation and excellence

2008: Creation of the HPLC laboratory. TRITON develops techniques whereby elements previously not easily measurable in the aquarium could now be recorded accurately. Long standing problems for aquarists like ionic imbalance, bromine accumulation, low quality of seawater salts, and measurement errors were investigated and solved.

2008: Introduction of the TRITON METHOD of reefkeeping: a Holistic method that empowered aquarists to replace trial and error with conscious control of their reef systems. A combination of HPLC and the TRITON METHOD marked the dawn of a new era of more enlightened and informed aquarists. The TRITON METHOD brought about a revolution in the way aquarists practice reefkeeping. It marked the end of changing sea water - unthinkable at the time - as an expensive, hope-for-the-best solution to problems.

2009: Launch of LANI LED. TRITON recognised the potential of LED lighting very early in the development of this technology. After extensive prototyping and testing on our own systems we demonstrated the benefits of LED for keeping, and even breeding SPS corals! LANI LED were one the first LED lamps for the serious reefkeeper and today they remain the only LED with proven function in keeping SPS corals.

2012: TRITON ignites another revolution by developing a method for analysing seawater using ICP-OES technology. Our unique proprietary method made this cutting-edge technology available and affordable to aquarists for the first time. The advent of accurate, timely, and cost-effective ICP-OES sea water testing meant that for the first time aquarists could have near-real time snap shots of a broad spectrum of important macro and trace elements.

The ICP breakthrough had implications beyond taking the chemical pulse of your aquarium - it introduced a new era in quality control for supplements, treatments, salts, trace elements etc. Finally the aquarist had a tool to test the claims of manufacturers and expose the expensive (and sometimes lethal) shortcomings of sub-standard industrial grade supplements in the marketplace. ICP supercharged the TRITON METHOD and gave the aquarist a clear choice: continue to purchase expensive “good for your aquarium” products and "blind dose” your system with reagents of unknown quality hoping for the best, or, use to the TRITON METHOD to actually know what is in your sea water and act to fix it in an informed way. It’s a simple matter of trial and error versus conscious control.

2013: TRITON develops and releases the first ever trace element product line for the aquarium market. For the aquarist this means the accuracy and precision of the ICP-OES technique for analysing sea water is now matched by the capacity to add equally precise doses using quality controlled, reagent grade supplements.

2015: To meet increasing demand from the global reefkeeping community TRITON LAB expands our capacity with a second ICP-OES testing machine. TRITON now collaborates with aquarium livestock exporters to build a database of field water quality analyses to compliment our database of 10’s of thousands of aquarium analyses. Together these data are building our understanding of micro-habitat preferences for different species enabling TRITON to offer ever more refined water quality advice to our customers.

2016: TRITON develops “CORE7" - an improved formulation of the BASE ELEMENT products (used in the TRITON METHOD). “CORE7" is 7x more concentrated than the BASE ELEMENTS range and does not need to be mixed with RO/DI. The CORE7 chemical concentrate is available in bulk quantities to retailers enabling aquarists to refill containers from local suppliers. Quicker, cheaper, efficient and more sustainable.

Innovation through firsts

At TRITON we like to lead. 

We were the first to offer comprehensive sea water analysis and we were the first to overcome the technical barriers to make seawater testing cost effective for the average reef keeper.

As our knowledge of the needs of aquarists grew we were the first to offer easy-to-understand error correction reports for our customers, and the first to deliver a scientific way to supplement trace elements for reef husbandry. And through the TRITON Method the first to eliminate the need for costly water changes.

As the TRITON community grows worldwide so does the pool of knowledge that allows us to deliver innovative products and services, and more firsts.

TRITON: committed to quality, innovation, service and support.