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Information for retailers

TRITON does not sell directly to retailers / customers nor do we make our products available on the Internet. We use wholesalers who work with retailers in a region or territory.

Information for wholesalers

We work with a single wholesaler who services retailers in an agreed region or territory. We look for wholesalers who place a high value on quality animal husbandry and recognise the role TRITON’s innovative products and services can play in improving the reefkeeping experience of aquarists.

Our view of the reefkeeping business

TRITON believes our customers are best served by a business model that supports a healthy network of retailers. In our view retailers are the indispensable glue that holds the reefkeeping community together. Most of us owe a debt to a local retailer for knowledge, advice and inspiration freely dispensed over years as we learned the art and science of reefkeeping.

TRITON wants retailers to have strong viable businesses so they can continue to provide free advice to their customers and excellent husbandry for their animals. A vibrant retailer network encourages customer service focussed competition and reduces pressure on businesses to import livestock sourced from supply chains with unsustainable collecting practices: e.g. cyanide collecting.

At TRITON we strive to deliver innovative products and services that empower the reefkeeper to be the best they can be. Likewise our dream is for the wider reefkeeping community to be the best it can be: exciting, sustainable and respectful of the environment.

We welcome inquiries from retailers who wish to join our sales network. Come surf the new wave with TRITON - email us at:

TRITON's constant innovation of products and services keeps our wholesalers at the forefront of the reefkeeping industry. We ensure our wholesalers receive advance notice of all our products including promotional and technical data for their retailer networks.

Through our collaboration with Cairns Marine (a leading exporter of sustainably sourced livestock) we are also able to offer advice on husbandry issues.

We welcome inquiries from potential wholesalers in new territories.  Come surf the new wave with TRITON - email us at: