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Overview of TRITON products and services...

TRITON has three divisions tasked with developing products / services that are best in class:

TRITON LAB: comprehensive, affordable ICP-OES/HPLC water analysis for reef keepers and professional aquarists worldwide.

TRITON REAGENTS: quality assured reagents of the highest purity for creating, supplementing and treating seawater.

TRITON LANI: proven, efficient, optimised LED lighting for reef keeping..

TRITON products and services are unified by the TRTION METHOD - a holistic reefkeeping system that combines the benefits of TRITON’s research into advanced elemental analysis of sea water (TRITON LAB) with highly pure reagents for supplementing and treating sea water (TRITON REAGENTS). Together with our famous customer support TRITON innovative products and services make reefkeeping a pleasure, not a chore.