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TRITON ENVOY franchise opportunity

TRITON now offers the unique opportunity to have full range sea water analysis (ICP suite + chloride + nitrate + salinity and more) in-house, without having to hire your own chemist! The TRITON ENVOY franchise system includes a fully automated, self-contained TRITON laboratory in your facility controlled by a server-based computer at TRITON. Just add sea water samples and the system does the rest. Technical validation and quality assurance of the results is performed by senior TRITON staff. Once verified the results are uploaded to the TRITON server and accessible to the customer.

The TRITON LAB advantage: comprehensive, accurate, affordable

AQUARIUM BUSINESSES: TRITON ENVOY delivers results overnight and eliminates postage costs - a powerful drawcard that makes your business a convenient hub for the entire range of TRITON products and services in your region.

IMPORTERS / EXPORTERS / PUBLIC AQUARIA: TRITON ENVOY offers an opportunity to improve the husbandry of livestock through near-real-time access to the most accurate / sophisticated sea water analytical technology backed by TRITON’s peerless support, service and advice.

Businesses / organisations can now run their own professional grade water quality management programs internally with savings in staff time, efficiently applied reagents and reduced cost-of-care for animals. Additionally, in-house macro and trace element analysis brings unprecedented opportunities for research projects and failure analysis.

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