TRITON green packs versus plastic bottles comparison

Committed to innovation

Reducing Plastic in our Product Line by 95%

TRITON’s commitment to constant innovation is not confined to water chemistry.
In 2018 we shifted our focus to the packaging of our products.

Conservation of the world's oceans, where most animals for our hobby are still sourced, inspired us to invest over half a million US dollars into the purchase of a Tetra Pak filling machine and dramatically reduce TRITON's reliance on single-use plastic containers.

The move to environmental/green packaging came at great cost but we knew that to effectively reduce TRITON’s environmental impact we needed to start at the source.
Unfortunately not all countries recycle plastic waste so the easy option, using recyclable plastic containers, would still see our containers make their way into the ocean.

This shift has seen a saving of over 41 metric tonne of single-use plastic by TRITON in the last 3 years!!!


Reduced energy in Production

We have reduced the energy needed to produce our products across all product lines.

Reduced Transport Footprint

Replacing plastic bottles with GreenPacks delivered flat to our facility means we only need 1 truck where once we needed 9!

95% Less Plastic used

We have reduced the amount of plastic needed by our largest product line by 95% and ensured the residual packaging is fully recyclable!

CORE7 GreenPacks

- Improved formula
- More sustainable
- And now at ...

… a more affordable price!