The only synergistic reef husbandry system.

The best way to maintain a reef ecosystem.

The only scientific framework, unique since 2008.

A scientific framework is a set of rules that enable a person to gain real knowledge. This type of framework is necessary when you want to achieve a generic and easy approach to a very complicated system to really find out what single elements do to a closed reef aquarium.
In the case of TRITON Method, which is the only scientific framework existing for reef keeping, we used and continue to use it to really understand how single elements, or a combination of elements, effect the ecosystem in a closed reef aquarium.
We do this by using the framework to make thousands of aquariums in the world comparable to each other. Without this framework the comparison of even 2 aquariums would not be possible and any knowledge that you would seek to gain would be fraudulent as there would be too many unknowns interfering with your final results.
This knowledge is the IP of TRITON and this type of science is unique in the reef keeping industry.

Setting the industry benchmark in success. Leading with ease of use and peace of mind for every aquarist.

The TRITON method as a framework allows for a much better diagnosis of issues as the variables are greatly reduced.
The errors that an aquarist could possible make are reduced to a minimum.
These are two reasons that make the TRITON Method the easiest to follow recipe for the most successful reef husbandry.

Developed by and utilising the most modern technologies in reef husbandry.

To understand the power of TRITON Method you need to understand how it was developed.
Not only did we invent and bring groundbreaking technology to the aquarium industry, and develop a new approach to water chemistry, since 2008 we have used both of these tools to create a unique and unmatched method of reef keeping which continues to be refined and improved as these tools evolve.
All of this is what allowed us to design a Trace Element mix that can be added continuously and safely to a reef system. The first time supplementing a reef aquarium, in a conscious way, with what is needed making the need for regular water changes a thing of the past.