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The TRITON Difference

TRITON was founded by aquarists for aquarists. Our goal is to bring easy, successful reef keeping within the reach of all aquarists.Our approach to achieving this is to create products based on logical, scientific principles.

With TRITON you just: Test your seawater. Know what's in it. Act to fix it. 

TRITON services and products are designed to work together to make your reef keeping life easier. By testing with us you become part of the TRITON family. It's through the collective support of our loyal customers that we continue to learn more about reef keeping which we feed back to you through better advice and support services. Here’s how it works.

Test your seawater. Should your TRITON test results identify issues with your seawater we are there to help you. It starts with our easy-to-use Traffic Light reporting system that highlights emerging problems. Then we provide specific dosing / treatment instructions customised for your system. If you have further questions -support is just an email away.

Customer support is at the heart of the TRITON difference. We want to help you because that is how we learn. At TRITON we conduct testing and research on our own systems but also learn from yours. With a database of over 65 000 samples tested we learn more and more about how closed reef systems work everyday. And that improves the advice we provide to you!