TRITON Method is the most successful
and unique science based method for reef husbandry
but most important it is also the easiest to use.

Simple starting steps


TRITON design sump
Common granular media filter
Return pump (10X display tank volume/hr)
Refugium light (T5 recommended - blue and white mix)
Reverse osmosis unit (TRITON DI filtration)
10% Live Rock (Reef Structure)
Aquarium light (contact our support for more information)

Recommended (optional)

4 Heads Dosing pump
Chaetomorpha algae (for starter)

The framework of the TRITON Method should be the same in every TRITON aquarium

Water first flows through the algae bed, overflowing to the skimmer area.
Flowing underneath the separation glass to the return pump,
which should have a flow rate equal to approximately
10X the volume of the main display tank.
Illumination of the algae bed is needed 12hrs/day reverse lit to the display aquarium.
The size of the refugium should be between 10% and 20% of the volume of the display tank.
If the algae bed section is large then an extra flow pump is recommended.
No sand should be used in the filter
One or two pieces of live rock should be added as a growing surface for the algae

Inlet from Display Tank (DT) 10 - 20 %
of DT Volume
and Filter
Return Pump
10x per hour
DT Volume


Tailored for the filtration framework proven to work since 2008.
They deliver all basically needed macro and trace elements without
the danger of limitation and without the need for regular water change.
The 4 part base elements are dosed depending on the loss of kH/Alkalinity.
kH is tested and if a loss is measured the daily amount of base elements dosed
would need to be increased.
Vice versa if kH is tested and if there is an increase measured the daily amount
of base elements dosed would need to be decreased.
This way you are dialling in to the exact requirements of your personal aquarium needs.

A dosing pump is recommended to supply the system with the best possible stability

Base Elements are the Core products for the full TRITON Method

Maintaining stability

Although technically all TRITON aquariums have the same framework
they all differ slightly based on animals kept.
To account for this last factor in the equation,
and for the highest level of safety, TRITON Lab testing
and individual supplementation is recommended.

ICP-OES and N-DOC lab testing will easily guide you through this stage
with recommendations from our unique AI and multilingual support.
Both of these having been built on the knowledge of expert aquarists and scientists
since 2008.

TRITON supplements and treatment range are used according
to the test results for stable macro, trace and nutrient support.
Our users. just need to dose in line with these recommendations.

Do you want to know in more detail why the TRITON Method
can keep these promises…

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